Kicking ass in the Premier League (Indian & English)
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July 11, 2017

Most enterprises spend a fortune trying to convince investors that they could be a green ROI chip but no Harvard Business School strategy can me effective than winning the premiership with a coach that many have written off as mediocre due to his near success syndrome of bygone years, a midfielder – N’GoloKante – bought from an unknown team in a hardly followed league and worst of all am €400,000 supporting striker – RiyahdMahrez – who is now valued at €40 million.

It reeked of a club that had the ability to make the most of what is given to them.

Alas, it never came to be as the fairy tale ran its course sooner than latter and by January defending champions Leicester were battling from being relegated from the very league they won few months ago.

In the most painful or perhaps cruelest of ways the board members decided to sack the coach that potentially stands as the only man in history to deliver them the premier league title. The Foxes in a likewise move most clubs take when sacking their managers decided to hand the reins to Ranieri’s hand right man – Craig Shakespeare.

Well it is the end of the season and to the surprise of everyone Leicester finished 12th place as they went on the run of taking enough points to surge up their way to middle of the table.

A lot has been said and argued in whether their form was due to Shakespeare’s tactical ingenuity or it was the classic case of players reacting to a new breath of fresh air thus upping their commitment and performances.

In handing Craig a three year deal, the decision makers at Leicester have given us the chance to evaluate the English man’s “true” capability come the end of next season. Till then.