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Claudio Ranieri too confident on Leicester City

May 20, 2016

Claudio Ranieri says that he is unlikely to witness the game between Tottenham and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.

Leicester City could potentially seal the Premier League title without kicking the ball, as any other result other than the victory for Spurs would see them crowned as champions. Leicester secured a 1-1 draw with Manchester United on Sunday. This improved their advantage over Spurs to 8 points with only two games left. Prior to the game, they needed only three points to win the title. Ranieri says that he will be on the plane to Italy while the game goes on.

Earlier, Chelsea fans and players have expressed their desire to see Leicester win the title ahead of Tottenham, who are their big rivals. After the recent 4-1 win over Bournemouth, the blues will come into the game on a positive frame of mind. They have been criticised in recent weeks for their lack of commitment – since there is nothing to play for – but they are expected to step up their game just in time for this match. Ranieri says that he will at least be to follow the result once his plane lands in Italy. Even if the outcome is not a positive one for Ranieri, Leicester City will feel confident about winning the title at home next weekend.

“I would like to watch the match, but I think I am on a flight back from Italy, so it’s difficult for me to watch the match. Maybe when I land I will know the result. Yes, really.Now I go back to Italy and tomorrow [Monday] at 7pm I fly back and I won’t watch the match.For us it’s important to continue to dream and continue to work. Three matches ago, I said in my mind Tottenham will win all the matches and we are very, very concentrated on this,” said Ranieri.