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David Moyes Defends Players Visit to USA

March 25, 2017

David Moyes is not ready to admit that because of the fact he took the players to a short visit of the United States of America, it put the jobs of some of the Sunderland employees in danger.

Only a day or so after the Black Cats’ return from the States, the news has come that Sunderland hierarchy is planning to relieve some of the club’s servants of their duties.

And people have started blaming it on the America tour as they doubt that the costs of that tour might have destabilised the finances of Sunderland a little bit.

But, as per Moyes, people are getting it totally wrong. First of all, it was the kind of a holiday which the players deserved because they had to keep going without any break at all during the festive period towards the end of the last year and they didn’t even complain. So it was only fair that during this little gap when no matches were scheduled, they were taken away.

And secondly, even if the tour was not organised, a few guys were going to be sacked because the decision regarding that had already been taken earlier and it’s actually the past hierarchies which are responsible for these sackings. Whilst the Bonus PMU Sport website had Moyes at odds-on to be out at the end of the season, Sunderland still have a fighting chance.

In the opinion of Moyes, if the past hierarchies had done their job appropriately, the current hierarchy wouldn’t have found itself in a situation like this right now where it has no option other than handing out exit orders to its employees.

Expressing sympathy towards those who are going to be at loss, Moyes says that each and every person who works for the club in whichever capacity is important for the club and it’s never a good feeling to see anyone leave, but, unfortunately, that’s what the case is and that’s a matter of immense grief.