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Roberto Martinez’s managerial position in Everton is at risk

May 4, 2016

Everton was knocked out of the FA Cup after losing against Manchester United and things haven’t been going any better for Everton in the Premier League either as they are consistently dropping points.

Roberto Martinez and his squad has recently suffered a defeat against Liverpool and had to settle with successive draws against Southampton, Crystal Palace and Watford. The future of Roberto Martinez is now under scrutiny as the board of directors of Everton are having discussions in relation to the managerial role of Martinez after this season reaches it’s end.

There is already a list of potential managers who can replace Roberto Martinez and that are rumored to be in the watch-list of Everton, these managers include: Manuel Pellegrini, Frank de Boer and Ronald Koeman.

Manuel Pellegrini is currently in charge of Manchester City but he will be replaced by Pep Guardiola at the end of the season and the Chilean manager is going to become a viable option for Everton in case that they do decide to sack Roberto Martinez.

Martinez is hoping that he can maintain his managerial role in Everton for at least another season but the final decision will ultimately depend on the board of directors of Everton and after having gone through a string of underwhelming results, the future of Roberto Martinez is not looking so bright, with Ladbrokes predicting an early exit.

Everton has not managed to win a Premier League game since March 1 when they claimed a 3-1 triumph over Aston Villa and this just shows how much Roberto Martinez has been struggling to push his team forward and the possibility of getting sacked is a realistic outcome.

Bournemouth, Leicester City, Sunderland and Norwich City are the last opponents that Everton will be facing in this season and depending on the results it might be the final factor which decides the future of Roberto Martinez.