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Santos rejects suggestions of Jorginho’s Chelsea exit

June 6, 2020

The reports on Jorginho’s move to Juventus was denied with the announcement from his agent the Italian club has not contacted them yet. He also mentioned that the player is willing to stay with Chelsea.

There were many reports by the Italian media that Maurizio Sarri, the present coach of Juventus and former coach of Chelsea, is looking forward to the reunion with Jorginho. The midfielder was brought to the Blues from Napoli two years back by Sarri.

During his time in Chelsea, they both shared a good friendship which was not welcomed by a group of club’s fans. With the rumours now, there is a good probability of Jorginho moving to Juventus.

In the last few months, he has proved himself to the team and he has found his place in the team. Before the suspension of football activity, he was a great contributor to the team and also has improved his individual records.

Joao Santos, the agent of Jorginho, while responding to transfer rumours related to Juventus said that the club or it’s officials have not contacted him. He is completely unaware of any such move as reported by the media. The 28-year-old is clearly enjoying his stay with the Blues.

He has another three years left for him in the contract and there are certainly going to talk with the officials of Chelsea in extending the contract to a year or a couple more. Jorginho has made totally 37 appearances for the team and have scored 7 goals and assisted a couple of goals. Santos had a different answer back in February when asked about the transfer of the player. He then stated on looking for good deals for the player and said a decision will be formed on discussing with Chelsea.

Santos states that the midfielder is currently looking forward to playing in the European Championship. He wants to rise up to the expectations of Roberto Mancini’s and help the team become champions.

“His goal is the European Championships with the national team. There are many expectations around [Roberto] Mancini’s team. The European Championship is also a good showcase,” said Santos.